Chief Director, Neurosurgery, Kotoh Memorial Hospital, Shiga, Japan.

  • 25 years of experience in neurosurgery in Japan.

  • Performed a large number of operation >3000 cases.

  • Excellent result with meticulous technique in MVD and skull base tumors.

  • Gamma Knife surgery for brain tumors and trigeminal neuralgia >2000 cases.

  • Highly-active in academic conferences and training young neurosurgeons.


  • 1997 Postdoctoral Fellowship; University of British Columbia, Canada 1998 Ph.D. Post Graduate School of University of Shiga M.S., Japan.
  • 1991 M.D. Shiga University of Medical Science, Japan.


  • Medical Diploma; Shiga University of Medical Science, No.963, 25 Mar. 1991.
  • Medical Practitioner License; Minister of Health and Welfare, Japan, No.336790, 20 May. 1991.
  • Specialist Neurosurgeon; The Japan Neurological Society No.4427, 25 Aug. 1997.
  • Doctor of Philosophy; Graduate School of Medicine at Shiga University of Medical Science, No. 308, 26 Mar. 1999.


  • 2014 – present Consultant Neurosurgeon, Andalusia Hospital, Al Salama, Alexandria, Egypt; Visiting to operate mainly microvascular decompression and skull base tumors for every 3-4 months.
  • 2010 – present Chief Director, Kotoh Memorial Hospital, Shiga, Japan; Achieved the largest number of operations in microvascular decompression for trigeminal neuralgia for consecutive 2 years in Japan.
  • 2004 – 2009 Chief Director, Hino Memorial Hospital, Shiga, Japan; Serviced a wide range of emergency neurosurgical cases; Large number of operation for neck clipping for aneurysm.
  • 1998 – 2003 Neurosurgery, Hino Memorial Hospital, Shiga, Japan.
  • 1994 – 1997 Neurosurgery, Okamoto General Hospital, Kyoto, Japan.
  • 1992 – 1993 Neurosurgery, Saiseikai Noe Hospital, Osaka, Japan.
  • 1991 – 1992 Neurosurgery, University of Shiga Medical Science Hospital.


  • 2013 Skull Base Workshop, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.
  • 2013 Asean Cerebrovascular Skull Base Hand On Course & Symposium, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.
  • 2011 Advanced Skull Base Microanatomy Workshop and Hands-On Dissection Course, Florida, USA.
  • 2010 Advanced Skull Base Microanatomy Workshop and Hands-On Dissection Course, Florida, USA.
  • 2008 Cadaver Workshop on Skull Base, Aichi, Japan.
  • 2008 Cadaver Dissection Course, Kyoto, Japan.
  • 2007 Temporal Bone Dissection Course, Duke University, North Carolina, USA.

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