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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is 2OP service?

2OP is abbreviation of ‘2nd opinion’.

Patients today are more informed about their medical and dental problems and treatment options and are playing an active role in decision making with their doctors. Medical and dental knowledge and available treatment options are evolving at a rapid pace. As a result, patients and health care providers are seeking second opinions so that more informed decisions based on the risks and benefits can be made regarding the patient’s health care.

For minor health problems, second opinions usually are unnecessary. However, a second opinion is recommended if the patient disagrees with or questions the diagnosis or the treatment plan of the health care provider, has multiple medical problems, or is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease such as cancer. Second opinions also are recommended when there is no improvement in the patient’s condition, when there is a communication barrier between the patient and the provider, and when extensive care needs or high cost may make treatment prohibitive.

For health care practitioners, a second opinion or referral may be warranted if they are unsure of the diagnosis or the diagnosis/treatment is beyond the scope of their expertise. Furthermore, a second opinion may be necessary when required by a third party payor.

2. Why 2OP?

Even though doctors may get similar medical training, they can have their own opinions and thoughts about how to practice medicine. They can have different ideas about how to diagnose and treat conditions or diseases. Some doctors take a more conservative, or traditional, approach to treating their patients. Other doctors are more aggressive and use the newest tests and therapies. It seems like we learn about new advances in medicine almost every day. Many doctors specialize in one area of medicine, such as cardiology or obstetrics or psychiatry. Not every doctor can be skilled in using all the latest technology. Getting a second opinion from a different doctor might give you a fresh perspective and new information. It could provide you with new options for treating your condition. Then you can make more informed choices. If you get similar opinions from two doctors, you can also talk with a third doctor.

3. For 2OP, should I submit first provider’s opinion?

You don’t have to provide first provider’s opinion, but you need to provide: a) medical/dental records or history; b) test results; c) radiographs; d) other information without the first doctor’s written diagnosis and treatment recommendations. This would allow for an unbiased opinion without having the patient incur unnecessary charges or radiation exposure from repeated radiographs.

4. The best doctors are very busy, how can they have enough time to see my case?

Yes, they are extremely busy. In order to process your case, they spend time at after hours or during their holidays.

5. Are the best doctors employees of Best Doctors Club? Can I choose doctor to review my case?

No, they are not employees of Best Doctors Club. They are volunteers to help your local doctors on difficult cases.

6. Will the best doctors accept my application? What is the service process?

By receiving your application, your case will be prescreened by the local doctor of our clinical base. We will inform you to make payment if the application is successful. The 2OP will be delivered to the local doctor of our clinical base.

7. Can I choose doctor to review my case?

Depends on the doctors’ time schedule, if the designated doctor is not available, we can try to contact other best doctor to review your case.

8. How much is the cost of 2OP?

The cost depends on complexity of each case, please contact our staff to quote.

9. What is 'BEST SURGICAL' service?

The surgeons of the best doctors are invited to perform surgery on difficult cases. This service is based on special request.

10. What is 'BEST VISIT' service?

The best doctors are invited to attend educational programs in our clinical base. Based on your special request, you can meet them during their visit.